Adequate training of all personnel operating in the food industry is the basis of any food safety system and contributes to continuous improvement.

Our training:

  • Delivered by highly qualified personnel with more than 14 years of experience in the different fields in which we offer this service.
  • Training designed and adapted to the characteristics and needs of the companies, as well as to the profile of the attendees.
  • Based on practical methodologies that allow attendees to apply them immediately.


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Supplier Control
Advanced Heat Treatments



With these services we intend to contribute with our knowledge to support the Quality and Human Resources departments of the companies for the adequate training and specialisation of the different workers involved in the quality, hygiene and food safety of the product, as well as for the adequate fulfilment of the requirements demanded by quality and safety standards (IFS, BRC, ISO22000,...) and/or destination countries (highlighting among these the USA).

We offer you:

Full service: development of training plans

Training plans:

  • Be appropriate to the characteristics and organisational structure of the company.
  • They will be developed on the basis of the needs detected (according to the activity and training of the personnel).


Staff training and qualification needs

This service will be carried out by means of a diagnosis in the company itself, evaluating:

  • needs according to the different positions
  • degree of compliance with the needs foreseen for each position
  • degree of specialisation of personnel located in critical positions
  • training needs in order to comply with improvements or planned changes.


The aim of these consultancy services is to provide the company with a high level of qualification while at the same time allowing it to comply with the requirements set by its clients or those present in the various existing standards (ISO 9000, IFS, BRC...) or the requirements of destination countries (notably the USA).